Knowledge Organization

Since I am proposing that the field of psychiatry is motivated by problematic ideologies, based on problematic assumptions, and subject to problematic influences, many of which depend on each other, a proposed journey would address topic as it is structured.

  • The concept of mental health
  • The concept of mental illness
  • The biological model of mental illness, and the fact that it’s taken as given, and actioned as such
  • The implication that psychosocial factors have little or no importance
  • The concept of a mental illness diagnosis
  • The practice of defining diagnoses (nosology)
  • The motives of, influences on, and validity of the DSM, and the diagnoses therein
  • The global acceptance of the DSM
  • The definition / diagnostic criteria of bipolar disorder, mania, depression, anxiety
  • The suggested prognosis
  • The clinical trials
  • The trial results, and their validity
  • The marketing of the medication, and accepted concepts (eg. chemical imbalance, kindling, cognitive decline)
  • The treatment recommendation for a particular disorder
  • The field of Psychiatry
  • Psychopharmacology
  • Individual psychiatrists
  • Their psychosocial methodology
  • Their evaluation and diagnostic methodology, based on the DSM
  • Their diagnosis of you or your care
  • Their treatment recommendation
  • What they say is happening when the drugs fail to work and the patient deteriorates
  • Their treatment recommendation

This is a large area to cover, so I start with more pressing topics that relate directly to you or your care, and – only then – work outwards.

Watch this space.

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