Reverse Psychiatry

is a psychiatric medication tapering toolkit.

Currently it consists of a tapering calculator, and links - a work currently in progress - to online resources to assist in withdrawing from psychiatric drugs.

The website is run by, and calculator built by Simon Barnett.

Sliding backwards

Due to a current focus on the biological model of mental illness, overdiagnosis, and overprescribing of medications which do very little good and plenty of harm, psychiatric treatment and attempted withdrawal is the cornerstone of most modern mental illness.

The Complexities of Tapering

Tapering - the practice of withdrawing from dependence-forming medication - is not easy, both from a practical point of view, and emotionally for the one coming off the drugs.

Practically, based on our own experiences, one has to prepare for the possibility of holding, reinstating, or adjusting the amounts, which means there must be extra individual doses available at any given dosage in the schedule.

It can take up to two weeks to complete the round trip of obtaining the prescription from a doctor and forwarding it to a compounding pharmacy, who must then prepare it, and get back to you, upon which you will need to fetch it.

Most of these extra pills will inevitably be discarded, depending on whether a taper was held or re-reversed aka reinstated.

All of this can amount to needing to replan schedules at a moment’s notice.

The simple calculator spits out the basis of a new schedule - namely the dosages - as fast as is technically possible, on demand.