How to use the results of the calculator

The How-to guide


make sure you’ve read the Caution page.

Tapering – or “withdrawing” (or even “discontinuation”) –  is not easy, and if not done carefully even damaging or life-threatening.

Have you read the caution? Do you have a support network?

Have you connected with Surviving Antidepressants or the Inner Compass Initiative’s Withdrawal Project?

Ok. let’s proceed..

Technical Instructions

Technical, meaning “in theory” ie. NOT taking into account how you will actually find yourself using the calculator, which will be in a more organic fashion.

Starting with a dose of 10mg, and ending on a dose of 1mg – a somewhat unlikely scenario – you will be presented with some numbers.

For any given number, there’s a list number to the left. The numbers progress in sequence down the list.

  1. 10
  2. 9
  3. 8.1
  4. 7.29
  5. 6.561
  6. 5.9049
  7. 5.3144
  8. 4.783
  9. 4.3047
  10. 3.8742
  11. 3.4868
  12. 3.1381
  13. 2.8243
  14. 2.5419
  15. 2.2877
  16. 2.0589
  17. 1.853
  18. 1.6677
  19. 1.5009
  20. 1.3509
  21. 1.2158
  22. 1.0942

Next, copy all the values, and paste them into a spreadsheet or a calendar.

This section will be expanded on shortly, hopefully with some new functionality for the calculator.










Enter your start dosage and desired end dosage. The calculator will produce a schedule of decreasing dosages for your taper at a 10% decrease per step, calculated on the last dosage.

Each increment – 1, 2, 3 etc. – is a dose level, which should be held-at for a period, usually of 3 to 4 weeks.

For a rate of taper less than 10%, change Taper Percent at the bottom.
Set the Decimal Precision to your needs.

Copy and paste the result into a spreadsheet or a calendar.
Use Style the Result to include the line numbers in your copy / paste.

Caution & Disclaimer